The NOMATERM+ heating unit is the primary structural element for the manufacturing of low-temperature infra-red heaters and for low-temperature contact heating. The product is made of a semiconductive cement, NOMACARB, which is coated with outer insulation on both sides.

The product has two stranded wires 0.5 mm2 in cross section extending min. 200 mm from the product.

The NOMATERM+ tempering unit should only be used as a design element for the manufacturing of Class I or II electrical appliances (electric radiant panels).

The units are designed for the maximum surface temperature of 120 oC. Identical units are manufactured for either DC or AC current and rated voltage of 230 V.

The final product must be of rectangular or square shape.

Nomaterm 01

Nomaterm 02


The NOMATERM+ heating unit is manufactured in various sizes and input power ratings.

When choosing a particular size of the NOMATERM+ heating unit, it is necessary to specify the required power input within the range specified for each size.

Potential applications of the NOMATERM+ heating unit

  • heating units for infrared panels, also suitable for infrared saunas
  • heating units for heating animal beds (heating pads)
  • heating of feeding troughs (to prevent freezing of water)


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